A little about me:

Virtual Vantage is a business I created that is based on the concept of saving business professionals from themselves. I have witnessed so many executives and self-employed leaders running down 'creative' rabbit holes and leaving so many tasks unfinished because of analyzation paralyzation.

I have over 25 years of experience with a multitude of different companies. 
  • I worked my way up from the factory floor to Executive Assistant back in my hometown of Cambridge, Maryland 
  • Brought a whole lot of personality into the USDA in Hilo, Hawaii
  • Assisted one of the smartest Chief Operating Officers I have ever met, at a Hospice center on the Big Island of Hawaii
  • Took over the life of a multi-million dollar construction company CEO in North Carolina 
  • Ventured into South Carolina every day for almost a year to brave the wild, wonderful, world of real estate transactions.

It isn't that I can't figure out what I want to do - It is that there are so many great people I can do it for!!

The solution - go virtual and help as many professionals as I can!